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General Infomation Of Press Fittings

Both of V & M profile press fittings stainless steel are recognized health material that can be implanted into the human body. it can meet the international sanitary standards for drinking water and can be recycled 100%.

The press fittings size from 15mm to 108mm (1/2
-4inch )or as request up to 168mm , tube wall thickness:1.0mm to 2.0mm .
the  test pressure is 2.5Mpa ,  normal working pressure  is 1.6mpa .the working temperature is  -20° degree to 205° degree (according to the O-ring )

*What Is A Connection Of Stainless Steel Press Profile Fittings 

The connection of stainless steel V-profile press fitting & M-profile press fitting stainless steel is a flexible and mechanical connection type ,It relies on the extrusion between the pipe wall  and the sealing ring of pres fitting to achieve a non-leakage effect.this type of stainless steel press fitting connection requires a corresponding hydraulic tool to be completed. as long as the pipe fittings and tools are properly placed, the water leakage rate is basically zero.that gradually replace the traditional welded connection and threaded connection In addition to the laboriousness of traditional welding connections, due to the high risk, it must be done by professional
training the cost of the welding installation is higher than the pressing connection .

*Basic Principle Of Stainless Steel Press Profile fittings.

1,Principle of leak-proof and sealing :the stainless steel press type fitting is filled with O-ring seals in a radial                    contraction,which is leaky and water-stopping, instead of leak-stopping
2,Principle of resistant extraction :The middle position of the stainless steel press type fitting is small, but the two ends       are large, and the pullout is >3.0mpa
3,Principle of anti-rotation :the stainless steel press fitting and tube are pressed into a hexagon and cannot be rotated.

*What Is The Difference Between the M-Profile Press Fittings And V-Profile Press Fitting

Both of the stainless steel V-profile press fitting & M-profile press fitting stainless steel is a connecting piece, which has the advantages of reliable and safe connection, convenient and quick construction, suitable for embedded installation, maintenance-free maintenance, and relatively superior economy.

For example at the same size of V-profile press fitting cap & M-profile press fitting cap ,
*The V-profile press fittings is longer than the M-profile-press fittings
*The V-profile press fittings has a collar in the press end he M-profile-press fittings doesn't have the a collar in the press end 

Material Data 

Stainless steel and carbon steel.
we only use stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L for press type press fttings ,but we can also produce carbon steel press fittings if requested by the customer ,(all carbon steel pipe fittings are galvanization)

EPDM & FKM O-Ring.
the EPDM O-Ring is tasteless non-toxic,also it has excellent antioxidant, , heat and cold resistance, ageing resistance, It can be used for long time in normal working temperature  is -20° degree to 110° degree .it is more suitable for drinking water and other hygiene fields
most of the FKM O-Ring is used at at high temperature working environment ,for heat , steam ,working temperature  is -20° degree to 205° degree . google-site-verification: googlee0f0265913d8aa21.htmlgoogle-site-verification: googlee0f0265913d8aa21.html