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General Infomation Of Grooved Fittings

The grooved fittings was made of seamless  stainless steel  pipes ,
materials are available to stainless steel 304L ,stainless steel 316L .the grooved fitting  is mainly
composed of three parts sizes:seal rubber ring, clamp and lock bolt ,size from 32mm up to
323mm with max working pressure is 4Mpa 。

What Is Principle Of Grooved Fittings.
Principle:The connection of grooved fitting also called clamp conncetion , 
The medium in the pipe enters the C-type rubber ring,using the pressure of the medium itself to        press the rubber ring into the clamp cavity,guaranteed seal ,in addition, the size of the rubber ring is slightly larger than the cavity formed by the pipe and the clamp 。after the bolt is tightened ,the rubber ring is further squeezed ,the sealing effect is further strengthened

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