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What is the max working pressure of press fittings

Press fittings stainless steel is widely used in
various fields, we should know the maximum
and minimum work pressure.
What is the max working pressure of press fittings,
We made testing to show the max working press of press fittings.
We tested the fittings from 15 to 54 under 40 bar pressure for a month without water leakage, and we continued to increase the pressure to 50 and 60 bar without water leakage,
When we increased the pressure to 65 bar, the fittings start leaking,
We tested the pipe thickness is 1.5mm
The pipe and fittings used in the above are stainless steel 316L M profile fitting,1.5mm pipes, and M press jaws, (15 to 54mm),
According to our experience and security reasons ,we recommend max working press as follows,
1,(15 to 54 max working pressure = 40 bar for short periods )
2,(15 to 22 =40 bar ,28 to 35 =25 bar ,42 to 54 to 16 bar )

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