M-Profile Press Fittings Stainless Steel
M-Profile press fittings stainless steel 316L is more suitable for home decoration, school, drinking water and other civil low-pressure fluid delivery.its Quick live connection pipe fitting,green health ,long time service .
V-Profile Press Fittings Stainless Steel
V-profile press fittings stainless steel is more suitable for gas ,medicine,beverages , fire , It has higher dimensional accuracy, greater tolerance of pipe and better suitability,
Press Fitting Tubes Stainless Steel
Stainless steel pipes 304L and 316L has higher Corrosion resistance and molding,can suit a wide range of areas ,
Grooved Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel
Different materials can be applied to different media
We Can Design And Manufacture According To Your Requirements
Stainless Steel Press Fittings Connection
The connection of press type fitting is a flexible and mechanical connection type that gradually replace the traditional welded connection , In addition to the laboriousness of traditional welding connections, due to the high risk, it must be done by specialized training the cost of the welding installation is more than the pressing connection
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